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Baseball, a sport mainly invented in the United States, is known as the "National Pastime" of the United States. Players as young as 4 or 5 years old can start playing a form of baseball called "T- Ball".

A baseball, bat, and glove are all that is needed to start playing. The infield and outfield players wear gloves to catch balls hit to them. The game starts with the ball being tossed to the batter who then tries to run around the "bases" to score. If the hitter stands on the base before being touched with the ball, they are considered "safe" (unless the ball is caught in the air).

Higher age levels can include coach pitch, machine pitch, and player pitch. Little League is the first level of baseball, and players can progress to middle school, high school and college teams.

The highest level of baseball is called Major League Baseball.

Where was baseball mainly invented?
United States
New York