Pandas are shy animals that live high in the mountains of China. People in China call the panda a "large bear-cat".

A relative of the bear, only about 1,000 pandas are alive in the wild. Pandas like to eat bamboo shoots and leaves. Pandas eat a lot of food - they spend about 12 hours a day eating. They use their paws to eat very fast.

Pandas have been known to live to be 30 years old and weigh over 150 pounds.

Pandas are _____________.
shy animals
good swimmers
found underground
animals with wings

Where do pandas live?
High in mountains
In houses
In water
On sand

How many pandas are alive in the wild?
About 10
About 100
About 1,000
About 10,000

What do pandas eat?
Rocks and dirt
Nuts and berries
Bamboo shoots and leaves