Dogs Driving Cars?

Porter and Monty, two dogs from the country of New Zealand, have learned to drive a car. Porter, a bearded collie cross, and Monty, a giant schnauzer, learned to drive a Mini Cooper after two months of training.

The dogs know how to start the car, put it into gear, and use the brake, gas pedal, and steering wheel, to drive it down the race track. The dogs were even shown on televisions and Internet videos around the world.

Humans trained the dogs to drive to show how smart dogs can be, and to get more humans to adopt dogs from shelters.

What country are the dogs from?
New Zealand

What kind of dog is "Porter"?
Giant schnauzer
Bearded collie cross

How many months of training did it take to train the dogs to drive?

Why were the dogs trained to drive a car?
To see how fast they could drive
To show how smart they can be
So they could fetch their toy
So they could be on television