Cogwagee, also known as "Thomas Charles Longboat", was a Native American runner who was very fast. He was born on the Six Nations Reserve in Brantford, Ontario (Canada).

He would enter long distance races in Canada and won often. Cogwagee even won the popular Boston Marathon in 1907.

His coaches didn't always approve of the way Cogwagee trained for races, but his training helped him win. He even worked as a "dispatch runner" in France in World War I.

After the war, he retired from long distance running.

Who was Cogwagee also known as?
Thomas Runner
Thomas Charles Longboat
Thomas France
Thomas Cogwagee

What was Cogwagee good at?
Playing soccer
Long distance running

Where was Cogwagee born?
Six Nations Reserve

What did Cogwagee do during World War I?
Flew airplanes
Worked as a guard
Worked as a dispatch runner
Drove jeeps