The largest frog in the world is known as the "goliath frog". It is bigger than the Cane toad and African bullfrog.

At a length of up to 13 inches, and weighing nearly 7 pounds, the goliath frog lives mainly in the countries of Cameroon and Central Africa. They live in fast-moving rivers with sandy bottoms.

Goliath frogs feed on worms, bugs, and crabs and usually live about 15 years. There are not as many goliath frogs as there used to be, so humans are trying to help their population increase by protecting them.

What is the largest frog in the world?
Cane toad
African bullfrog
Goliath frog
Giant toad

How long can a goliath frog grow to be?
Up to 26 inches
Up to 13 inches
Up to 24 inches
Up to 3 inches

Where do goliath frogs live?
Fast-moving rivers
The jungle
The desert
In trees

What do goliath frogs eat?
Leaves, bugs, and fish
Mud, sand, and weeds
Worms, bugs, and crabs
Rocks, sand, and berries

How long do goliath frogs live?
About 10 years
About 30 years
About 5 years
About 15 years