Otter Plays Basketball

"Eddie", a 15 year old sea otter at the Oregon Zoo, has become popular due to his basketball skills. He can dunk a basketball in the net!

The trainers at the zoo showed Eddie how to put the ball in the net to help him heal his elbows. Eddie's elbows have been bothering him because they get sore. Eddie learned to put the ball through the hoop in about a week.

Eddie the otter once lived in California, but was moved to Oregon so the trainers could help him get better. If you are in Oregon, don't forget to visit Eddie the otter at the zoo!

What is the name of the sea otter?

How old is "Eddie" the otter?
12 years old
13 years old
14 years old
15 years old

Why does "Eddie" play basketball?
He is on a basketball team
It helps his elbows
The ball is orange
The basketball net is white

How long did it take "Eddie" to put a ball in the net?
Over a month
About a week
In two months
In one day