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Online practice will instill confidence

Through the use of our online practice reading comprehension worksheets you can help improve your student scores. Follow along as they take grade and age appropriate tests on our site. And if you register you can track student reading comprehension worksheet scores over time. English as a second language (ESL) students can also benefit from these worksheets.

Manage your student scores using the teacher portal. You can create separate username/passwords for each student allowing them to save their scores. Then within the portal you'll see your list of students, worksheets taken, and respective scores. (**Student accounts don't allow them to do anything more than have their scores saved so the student and teacher can view them. No personal information is asked and students cannot interact with others or edit any settings within their accounts).

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There's nothing to download - all reading comprehension worksheets are web-based and scores are displayed instantly. Your child can take the tests as often as necessary!